About Vend Spin

VendSpin was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur William Parker in Pittsburgh, Pa. William has been in the mobile convenience industry for over a decade delivering to customers in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding suburbs.

VendSpin is a patent pending mobile app that offers a fast delivery service of commonly requested convenient items that are stocked onboard vehicles and ready for delivery at any time with arrivals as early as 1 minute. The VendSpin app connects customers to (mobile convenience stores/local delivery drivers) all over the world that sell and deliver groceries, snacks, beverages, candy, ice cream, tobacco, beer, cosmetics, household products and other various items.

The VendSpin app is easy to use you can simply tap the app and view the closest delivery driver in your area then search through their inventory to see all the items they have for sale, you can also enter in a particular item(s) to see if its available. VendSpin doesn’t charge delivery fees instead its request minimum purchases per order from customers depending on the distance that’s needed to be traveled to make the delivery. VendSpin allows customers to order items and pay for their purchases through the app using registered debit/credit information.

VendSpin also allows customers to request Onsite deliveries if they want to pick out items themselves upon arrival of (mobile convenience store/local delivery drivers) and pay for their purchase with cash or using EBT/SNAP benefits with authorized vendors.

VendSpin takes the hassle out of marketing mobile convenience store businesses so they don’t have to waste time, money or gas driving around trying to solicit customers. VendSpin alerts then directs (mobile convenience stores/local delivery drivers) to awaiting customers through GPS navigation. The VendSpin app also lets people who have standard cars or SUVs utilize their vehicles trunk space to sell items out of customized VendSpin Bins which keep items properly stored and organized. There are hundreds of convenient items that can be sold right out the trunk of a vehicle. VendSpin recommends popular profitable items through frequent customers request but allows local delivery drivers to choose what they want to sell and helps them purchase items at wholesale prices so they can gain retail profits.

VendSpin holds data of transaction history and logistics which will alert and assist (mobile convenience stores/local delivery drivers) with item re orders and distribution when their stock gets low. The VendSpin app offers a great opportunity to drivers who are already involved with ride sharing services it allows them to save the person or people they’re transporting a trip to the store. Hopefully we've helped you learn about the services we provide and your ready to start making VendSpin's yourself as a seller or place your first order as a customer. Great, head on over to the app store and download the VendSpin app now to try it out for yourself.

Contact Us: info@vendspin.com